URL Macro Replacement

Supported URLs

The FeedAd SDK supports replacing macros in the following URLs:

  • VAST Tag URL
  • Asset file URL
  • Tracking event URLs (including click through and viewability URLs)
  • Error URLs

VAST 4 Macros

Macro Name Replaced Value
[ERRORCODE] A VAST 3/4 error code integer.
[CONTENTPLAYHEAD] The playback progress of the current content video in VAST time format HH:MM:SS.mmm.
[CACHEBUSTING] A random integer up to 8 digits.
[ASSETURI] The URL encoded URI of the currently playing content video.
[TIMESTAMP] The current timestamp in ISO 8601 format.

Macros are case sensitive!

You must always define macros with UPPERCASE letters.

FeedAd Custom Macros

Additional to the macros defined by VAST, FeedAd supports replacing these custom macros:

Macro Name Replaced Value
[BUNDLE_ID] The Android package name or the iOS bundle ID of the current app.
[ADVERTISING_ID] The Google Advertising ID or the Apple IDFA of the current app.
[PAGEURL] (Web SDK only) The URL of the current website.