FeedAd SDK

The FeedAd SDK allows for easy integration of VAST-4 compliant video ads inside your content feeds, supporting continuous video playback across screen changes and viewability tracking.

Read more about how FeedAd works.


  • VAST-4 Compliance
    VAST-4 video playback with viewability detection.

  • Remote Configuration
    Control SDK parameters via the admin panel without app re-deployments.

  • SDK Waterfall Support
    Supports integration into an existing ad mediation waterfall.
    For further information read our mediation network guide.

  • User Value Tracking
    Optimize ad targeting and receive impression-based revenue statistics per user.

Client Integration

The FeedAd SDK is currently available for the following platforms:

A basic integration of the FeedAd SDK into your app takes you about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your app's complexity.

Integration Support

For support with the integration, please contact support@feedad.com.