Google AMP

If you want to display FeedAd on an AMP website, you can do so using the amp-ad element. Because of the limitations AMP applies on 3rd party scripts, multi-slot features are not available on an AMP website. Each ad slot will play its ad independent of the others.


  1. Add the amp-ad module to your page by following the official documentation.
  2. Add the following code where you want your ad placement to appear:
<amp-ad width="320" height="180"

Placement ID?

You can choose placement IDs yourself. A placement ID should be named after the ad position inside your product. For example, if you want to display an ad inside a list of news articles, you could name it "ad-news-overview".
A placement ID may consist of lowercase a-z, 0-9, - and _. You do not have to manually create the placement IDs before using them. Just specify them within the code, and they will appear in the FeedAd admin panel after the first request. Learn more about Placement IDs and how they are grouped to play the same Creative


The ad will try to resize itself to fit best within its given bounds. However, AMP may decide to reject or delay this resize request. This is why we recommend using an initial size with an 16:9 aspect ratio.

Optional Parameters

  • data-background: Specify any CSS color value to color the ad-container while it is loading.