NPM Installation

This installation type is recommended if you are bundling your website's JavaScript code using an NPM-like module resolution system (e.g. browserify or webpack).
The FeedAd NPM package will bundle a tiny loader within your application that loads the FeedAd SDK on runtime.

We recommend that you check out the FeedAd-Web-Examples as a reference integration.


  • A DOM context. The package will not work within a Node.JS server-side environment.
  • ES6 Promises

Install the FeedAd Web SDK:

  • Install the SDK loader via npm i feedad-node

Import the SDK Loader:

Via CommonJS import:

const {loadFeedAd} = require("feedad-node");

Via ES6 import:

import {loadFeedAd} from "feedad-node";

Load the FeedAd SDK

loadFeedAd().then(feedad => {
    feedad.init(/* */);
    feedad.requestAd(/* */);

Request an ad

Continue reading how to request an ad using the feedad object for:

  1. Feed Ad - 'Banner-like' ad to integrate into one or multiple placements on your website.
  2. Standalone Ad - Pre-Roll ad to integrate before giving access to (video) content


The NPM Package contains typings for the whole FeedAd SDK.

Other module loaders

The FeedAd SDK is formatted as a UMD library. Check your bundler's or module loader's documentation on how to include UMD libraries into your JavaScript code.