VAST 4 Support

The SDK supports parsing of VAST tags using the VAST versions 2, 3 or 4.
However, it does not support the full VAST feature set, yet.

Supported VAST Features

  • Wrapper resolution
    The SDK follows and merges <Wrapper> tags until a wrapper depth of 5.

  • Linear ads
    The SDK parses inline Linear ads to display them as content video.

  • Events
    FeedAd features full support for VAST 2-4 events.

  • Macros
    The SDK supports VAST 4 URL macros for the VAST Tag URL, the Asset URL and all event URLs.

  • Error Reporting
    FeedAd calls VAST error handlers with full support of VAST error codes.

  • Viewability detection
    The SDK implements VAST 4 viewability detection.

  • Ad Verifications
    The FeedAd Web SDK supports MOAT ad verifications. The SDKs for all platforms support Open Measurement ad verifications.

Unsupported VAST Features

  • Ad Pods
    If your VAST XML includes multiple <InLine> elements only the first one is parsed by FeedAd.

  • Companion / NonLinear Ads
    FeedAd does not support parsing or displaying of Companion or NonLinear ads.

  • Industry Icon
    The SDK does not support the VAST 4 Industry Icon definition.