Upgrading from Version 1.2 to 1.3

Version 1.3 of the FeedAd iOS SDK brings the following changes, that you should consider when upgrading:

Waiting for the initialization of your TCF 2.0 CMP SDK

By default, if no TCF 2.0 CMP is integrated into your app, the FeedAd SDK will run ads without any limitations.

When your app is first installed, there might be a short delay between the initialization of your TCF 2.0 CMP SDK and the FeedAd SDK, in which consent has not been initialized / collected from the user, yet.

To prevent collection of data by FeedAd without consent during this delay, you should set the configuration option FAConfig.waitForConsent to YES (Objective-C) or true (Swift).

Raised iOS Deployment Target to 10.0 (Possible Breaking Change)

Versions of iOS earlier than 10.0 will no longer be supported. If your deployment target is currently lower than 10.0, you will have to raise it to at least 10.0 to use version 1.3 of the FeedAd SDK.