Upgrading from Version 1.3 to 1.4

Version 1.4 of the FeedAd Android SDK brings the following changes, that you should consider when upgrading:

Initialization of the FeedAd SDK

The FeedAd.init() method does not need to be called within the onCreate() method of the Application class anymore. It is enough to call it sometime before requesting an ad.

Interstitial Request and Creation

The Interstitial ads now do not require an activity reference for their request. You can request them at any time, and only need the current Activity when you want to display the interstitial ad.
This will require minor code changes to the interstitial integration. Check out the interstitial guide, and take a look at the onAdLoaded method of the InterstitialAdListener.

Standalone Ad Response

The onAdLoaded() method of the StandaloneAdListener will now respond with a view factory instead of a view. You will need to call this view factory before adding the standalone ad view to your layout. Please refer to the standalone guide for this minor code change.