Sending Custom Events

The Web SDK supports sending custom events to FeedAd.
This way, you can track user interactions with your website including the resulting revenue (e.g. purchases of micro transactions).


Custom events are not supported if you chose the automatic drop-in integration.


Send a named Event

This just sends an event without any revenue value.

feedad.sendEvent("hello from the feedad side!");

Send an Event with a value

This sends an event with a revenue value of 1.23 €.

feedad.sendEvent("coin purchase", 1230, "EUR");


  1. The event name
  2. The revenue value in milli units
  3. The currency as an ISO-4217 string

An event can be sent at any time after the SDK has been initialized.

Check out our example project

You can find an example integration within the example project's 'vanillajs' directory.