An interstitial ad is a VAST 4 compliant video ad that is shown inside a new screen on top of the app's content.


  • Easy integration. The FeedAd SDK manages the entire logic necessary to display the interstitial ad.
  • Skippable ad support. The ad is VAST 4 compliant, supporting skippable ads introduced in VAST 3.
  • Supports both portrait and landscape display modes.


Its behavior can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. The app requests an interstitial ad through the FeedAd SDK. The SDK will report back with an interstitial dialog once the ad is ready to be displayed.

    interstitial ad request

  2. The app then shows the previously received interstitial Dialog. This does not have to happen immediately, but can be delayed as long as necessary. Once the dialog appears, the ad will start playing automatically. The dialog will cover the whole screen.

    interstitial ad display

  3. When the playback is completed, the dialog closes on its own. This also applies if the ad was skippable and the user clicked the skip button. After the dialog closes, the app will be notified that the interstitial ad has been played successfully. It is then ready for further action.

    interstitial ad complete


Interstitial ads are supported from FeedAd SDK version 1.1. onwards.
Learn how to integrate them in: