Stand-Alone Ads


A stand-alone ad creates a single view in which one creative is played until completion. It is best used to create a native ad experience in static layouts, for example as a pre-roll ad before playing video content. It behaves similarly to the interstitial ad, but it allows for full control over its integration into the app's layout.


  • Full control over the ad's integration into your layout.
  • Automatically pauses and resumes video content when visibility is lost or regained.
  • Skippable ad support. The ad is VAST 4 compliant, supporting skippable ads introduced in VAST 3.


The following shows a stand-alone ad's behavior within an app where the ad is displayed as a pre-roll placement before the main content.

  1. The app requests a stand-alone ad through the FeedAd SDK.

    stand-alone ad request

  2. The FeedAd SDK creates the player view.

    stand-alone ad response

  3. The app includes the view inside its layout. Once the view becomes visible, the ad will automatically start playing.

    Include a stand-alone ad view

  4. The app is notified when the playback is completed. It can then remove the stand-alone view from its layout and start displaying its main content.

    stand-alone ad request


Stand-alone ads are supported from FeedAd SDK version 1.1. onwards.
Learn how to integrate them in: