FeedAd Web SDK

The FeedAd Web SDK is provided as a JavaScript library. This guide explains multiple ways to integrate the FeedAd SDK into any HTML5 page.


  • Browser compatibility:
    • Internet Explorer: IE 11+
    • Microsoft Edge: all versions
    • Chrome: 49+
    • Firefox: 52+
    • Safari on Mac OSX: 10+
    • Safari on iOS: 10+
  • HTML5 website code
  • JavaScript support
  • Direct DOM Access or Same-Origin iFrame (FeedAd will not work within SafeFrames)
  • A FeedAd client token (web) to be found in the admin panel

Supported Ad Types

The Web SDK will not support interstitial ads.

Integration Types

The FeedAd Web SDK is a UMD-formatted library, so it can be integrated via:

  • NPM module loader (browserify, webpack, ...)
  • Vanilla JS (using script tags or automatic drop-in integration)
  • iFrames (using Google Ad Manager or other ad mediation frameworks)
  • Google AMP (via amp-ad)

Read the installation guide on how to install and configure the SDK using the loaders mentioned above.

Demo Apps

If you rather prefer to dive right into the code, you can also take a look at our Web demo apps written in Java-Script that demonstrate a working integration.